Why donate?

Before you roll your eyes and say not another political donation request. Let me explain that the Veterans Party of America is not your typical political party. We don’t just ask for your money and not tell you what we are going to do with it. So have a look at our planned budget for 2015.


The Veterans Party of America believes in real transparency, so much so that if you don’t see something here that you want to see just ask and we will get it ASAP. So why are we asking for your donations? Simply put, we are not millionaires, we are average Joe’s from all walks of life with real private sector jobs. Some of us are laborers, others have office jobs, and some of us are retired but all of us are volunteers. In fact, apart from our regular jobs not a single one of us are being paid for our time, and not a single one of us have asked for a salary or money of any kind for our services to the VPA.

However, in order to get things done and move forward we need help from people like you. Your donations will help us achieve our goal of bringing Integrity and Accountability back into government. To do this we need to spread our message far and wide, and that requires funding to accomplish.

How much are we asking for? We will leave that up to you. It is your money, so we feel that you should decide how much you want to give. There is no set or suggested amount, you can give a $1, a $100 or nothing at all if that is your choice.

How do I donate? You can donate by clicking our donation button and send any amount you specify. Or you may send a Check or Money Order to:

Office of the Treasurer
Veterans Party of America
15 Eddy St
Cumberland, RI 02864

Please make all checks payable to Veterans Party of America.

Can I remain anonymous? We will never sell or share your personal information with anyone; however, the amount you donate may require us to include your name in our FEC (Federal Election Commission) filings.

What information will you need? Your name, mailing address, employer name, and your occupation. This information will only be on the FEC filings if you contribute $250 or more.

Do I need to be a registered voter to donate? No, but you do need to be an American Citizen. We do not cater to special interest groups, corporations or the wealthy. Our sole interest is in the United States of America and her citizens, all of her citizens and nothing but her citizens.